Professional Peel Kit

Professional Peel Kit


Uncover the secret to ageless beauty with the Courtney Sykes Molecular Anti-Aging Professional Peels Kit. Designed for Estheticians and skincare professionals, this comprehensive kit offers a premium suite of high-performance peels, each crafted to target various skin concerns and promote a youthful, radiant complexion!


Key Benefits & Contents:

  • AHA/BHA Pro Peel: This potent blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) exfoliates the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.
  • Glycolic Peel Pro: Harnessing the power of glycolic acid, this peel dives deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production, diminish hyperpigmentation, and accelerate cell turnover, ensuring a firm and even-toned skin.
  • Lactic Peel Pro: Gentle yet effective, the Lactic Peel Pro is perfect for sensitive skin types. Its hydrating properties soothe and moisturize, while lactic acid refines and resurfaces, leaving the skin supple and luminous.
  • Salicylic Cream Peel Pro: Specifically designed for acne-prone skin, this Salicylic Cream Peel unclogs pores, combats blemishes, and reduces oiliness without over-drying. The result is clear, well-balanced skin.
  • Vitamin A Peel: A powerhouse for skin regeneration, the Vitamin A Peel dramatically rejuvenates the skin by improving texture, diminishing age spots, and softening lines for a revitalized, youthful glow.

The Courtney Sykes Molecular Anti-Aging Professional Peels Kit brings clinical-grade, anti-aging solutions straight to your skincare practice. Each product is crafted for optimal efficacy and safety, delivering visible results that your clients will love. Indulge in a professional-grade skin care experience and witness the transformation to a beautifully rejuvenated complexion.